Hoppified Hydro Tech Farm

Game Changer

The Hop is in big demand and Hoppified aims to be the world leader in controlled environment wet hop production. This is a brand-new concept that has never been done before until now. The premium price and ability to produce wet hops year-round makes this a special opportunity.

The Technology

New LED Interlighting technology is taking indoor farming to new levels. Now we can control what part of the plant receives perfect lighting increasing yields and production. Matched with automated hydroponics and climate control we can make improved hops faster than ever before. Our tech farm includes, Advanced Lighting, Automated Buildings, Solar Power, Hydroponics all secure assets to invest into.

The Reward

Our hop farm plan does 10x the volume in 1/10 the space making this an easily expandable business model. 

Why Indoor?

There are some huge advantages with indoor growth. This allows for year-round production which is not available outside. Control of the environment has huge advantages. C ontrolled water & nutrients, only safe or organic pesticides if any, controlled climate year round, and manipulated lighting all help produce a much stronger, healthier plant without issues.


Hoppified's can grow 17,000+ plants in a single acre of indoor farming compared to less than 1,500 plants per outdoor acre.


Despite a large initial investment to build out infrastructure and startup expenses our business model is very sustainable. Our solar powered tech farm uses less resources such as land, power, water, pesticides, nutrients and labor while reducing the carbon footprint of traditional outdoor farm. 


An outdoor acre of hops produces on average between $45,000 and 100,000 per year of revenue.

Our model 1 acre produces $1.7 - 3M per year

5 acres can compete with over 50 acres with better yields.

Our Proprietary Mega Hops

Bigger, Bolder and Better in Every way. Hops have never looked this good! A controlled Environment is advancing the evolution of the hop plant.

Philips New Interlighting

This Brand-new LED lighting technology is the game changer increasing yearly hop production 3-5 Cycles per year. This brand new technology has produced results that now make local indoor hop farming a highly profitable business.