Bolt Brewery

8179 Center Street
La Mesa,CA 91942
(619) 303-7837


Mon - Fri 1 pm to 9 pm

Sat- 11 am to 11 pm

Sun -11 am to 9 pm

Little Italy Tasting Room
1971 India St
San Diego,CA
Mon - Fri  11 AM - 10 PM
Saturday  11 AM - 1 AM
Sunday   11 AM - 10 PM

Bolt was the first brewery to open in La Mesa. The tasting room is

creatively built into a shipping container which allows for a huge outdoor

space for sipping suds. You can catch some great music and even

better food from the rotating food trucks.

Fun fact:

Bolt Brewery is technically the first brewery to open in San Diego post

prohibition back in 1987 located then in Fallbrook Ca. Bolt Brewery was

founded by Paul Holburn. His assistant brewer back in 1987 was Clint

Stromberg .  Bolt was open for less than a year which is why the credit falls

toward Karl Strauss for being the first commercial brewery since Prohibition

which opened in 1989. (technically is was Bolt 1987 who was first) Clint

Stromberg revived the brewery and reopened Bolt Brewery 2.0 in La Mesa

2014. Bolt Brewery opened a new tasting room in Little Italy.